HNK Co., Ltd. was established in Jeju Island in 2017 to sell products of Korea’s competitive small and medium-sized enterprises to the international market.
Starting with Jeju Island’s specialty products in 2017, as of 2021, we are handling a variety of products from Chinese health and organic and functional foods to injection containers.

 Trade and distribution, which started with young passion and spirit, have suffered many failures and losses, but have accumulated a lot of experience and human resources. We are launching and developing products through discussions from product consumer prices to packages with various local platform MDs and suppliers. Since the launch of the product, we have been working together to help the product survive locally through various methods, from offline promotions for communication with consumers to online promotions through infloors.

 Of the many products, there are only a few that survive, but they are constantly knocking on the door of market formation by discovering and developing products.
 Many competitive products in Korea do not comply with local import regulations, so they are not distributed as normal routes.
As the age of Untact due to coronavirus approaches, the company has recently opened an online B2B platform and reverse-purchase brand shop to break down existing offline-oriented fairs and local operations.

 HNK Co., Ltd. provides Korean goods and distribution and marketing activities to the global market. As the world develops, there are more kinds of products and it is better to simplify the distribution process. We are always trying to make sure that the best products survive in the global market with minimal distribution.